Q: Do I have to be a member of the host nudist resort to participate?

A: Absolutely not! Your race entry fee grants you access to the resort not only for the race but for the rest of the day. These are races where you’ll want to make a day of it – or even a weekend as resorts offer accommodations ranging from camping (in some instances) to hotel rooms.

Q: Must I compete nude?

A: Not at all. These races are clothing-optional, meaning you can wear as much or as little as you like. Shoes and sunscreen are always recommended. More than 90 percent of athletes go fully nude.

Q: May I run barefoot?

A: No. While we understand some runners would prefer the fully nude experience, the course is all on asphalt. Footwear is required.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Most find it does not, though some women wear sports bras just in case.

Q: I’ve never been to a nudist resort. What do I need to know?

A: The rule of thumb is to behave appropriately as you would at a non-nudist resort. Always be sure to sit on a towel.

Q: How prevalent are nude races?

A: There are about two dozen nude runs in North America. Most are at nudist resorts, though there are several in public areas, such as Vancouver’s Wreck Beach. The annual “Bay to Breakers” run in San Francisco, known for its costumed runners, also attracts a group of “Bare to Breakers” who do the run in the buff. Nude runs debuted in Florida in 1993 with the “Dare to Go Bare” at the Lake Como Resort near Tampa, a 5K race that still occurs each spring.

Q: Is photography allowed?

A: We can’t speak for all clothing-optional races, but at races hosted by Enterprise Media, LLC, photography is strictly prohibited. For obvious privacy reasons, photography is a no-no at nudist resorts and violators are asked to leave.

Q: Are results posted online?

A: No. We’ve found that most athletes have no problem with having their names posted online as participants of a clothing-optional event on race sites that list finishing times. But some people object for any number of reasons: privacy, job concerns, or just not wanting to deal with grief from friends not brave enough to race themselves. Rather than sort this out, we opt not to post results online.

Q: Where do you put race numbers? Is there body marking?

A: We do not give out race numbers, either paper or via body marking. Athletes in all races receive wristbands.

Q: Then how do you keep track of the winners?

A: We typically give awards to the top 25 male and top 25 female finishers, issuing index cards at the finish line redeemable for the award at a nearby table. We use a professional timing system and do ask the top five male/female finishers to write their names on the cards so we can award them additional prizes during the post-race pool party, but their names are never posted online either.

Q: Do you give age group awards?

A: We find it’s easier and preferable for all concerned to simply give out awards for our running events to the top 25 male and top 25 female finishers. We understand some runners prefer top-3 age group awards for every five-year age bracket, male/female, but we find this just isn’t practical at our races. Besides, everyone wants to enjoy the pool and facilities rather than listen to a lengthy awards presentation.

Q: Then how do I know what time I raced?

A: We have a large clock at the finish line.

Q: What are the demographics of your race?

A: We average 38 percent female participation, which is slightly higher than the 35 percent industry standard for 5K running events. The races draw runners of all ages, but 60 percent are in the 22 to 40-year-old range. These races are destination events with many states and other countries typically represented. The 2018 and 2019  Caliente Bare Dare 5K races each attracted runners from 25 states, including Hawaii, California, Montana, and Arizona.

Q: Can I bring friends and guests who do not compete?

A: Absolutely. They may, however, have to pay a grounds fee to visit the resort, just as anyone else would. Please consult the individual races for details.

Q: How competitive are these races?

A: They attract athletes of all levels and everyone is welcome. The top running times are comparable to any 5K – perhaps a little faster since the unique nature of clothing-optional runs attracts many top runners and triathletes.

Q: Why is the Caliente Bare Dare 5K the “National Championship of Nude Running?”

A: There are many clothing-optional runs in North America. But only the Caliente Bare Dare 5K is marketed through the mainstream endurance sports community, attracting many athletes beyond the nudist world. The Caliente Bare Dare 5K, in particular, draws athletes from across North America. Runners representing an average of 17 states have raced annually since the event’s debut in 2010. Not only that, the number of participants and course-record times (15:49 male, 17:53 female) are comparable to any 5K race. For all of these reasons, the Caliente Bare Dare 5K is worthy of being called the National Championship of Nude Running. Though nudity is not a requirement to participate in the race, the National Champions are the first nude male and female finishers. Incidentally, we’ve never had a male or female winner who did not run nude.

Q: What happened to the Nude SUP Challenge?

A: Enterprise Media staged the world’s first and only clothing-optional stand-up paddleboard race at Cypress Cove Resort in 2014 and 2015. Though the race was well received and garnered a great deal of publicity, the niche sport and modest sponsor support could not sustain the event at this time. We hope to revisit it in the future.

Q: Does Enterprise Media LLC organize the Streak the Cove 5K?

A: Enterprise Media staged the Streak the Cove 5K at Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, Fla., from 2011-2016. We no longer are affiliated with Cypress Cove.

Q: Are these races professionally organized?

A: Yes! Our staff has years of experience in all facets of race organization.

Q: Are there showers?

A: Caliente is a large clothing-optional resort with multiple swimming pools. They both have multiple showers located around the pools.

Q: Are there course maps available?

A: We don’t provide course maps as we find this just creates more pre-race questions for our hard-working staff members at a time when they’re quite busy. Our courses are very well marked and we have a staff member ride a bike in front of the pack. We have never had runners go off course.

Q: Do I get a T-shirt?

A: Though we have given T-shirts out at the past, we found that many athletes have more than enough race T-shirts. Plus, you don’t need a T-shirt at a clothing-optional race; you need a towel to enjoy the resort afterward. In 2016, we introduced 30×60 beach towels at the Caliente Bare Dare 5K and will continue to give them in place of T-shirts, guaranteed to pre-registered runners.